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Semi Permanent Make-up


What is semi-permanent make-up?

Semi-permanent make-up also known as micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic procedure to create long lasting eyeliner, lip liner, lip blush and eyebrow definition.

This choice is perfect for those who want to shave time off their beauty routine, or suffer with allergies to conventional makeup, this cosmetic treatment works by inserting micropigments into the skin. The most common services requested include microblading, lip contour, permanent eyeliner, beauty spots and freckles.

A top up is necessary for all semi permanent make-up treatments.

It is advisable to book the top up appointment around six to eight weeks after the initial procedure to achieve the desired result. Semi permanent make-up can last up to two/three years. The duration depends on the area treated, UV exposure, skin type, general health and lifestyle.

Lighter colours fade faster than darker colours and all colours will change with time. SPF 30 is recommended to prevent the semi permanent make-up from fading in the sun.

OUR Services

Semi Permanent Make-up for eyebrows

Individual hair strokes, combination brows or ombré can create a natural and fuller look. Also complimenting the shape of your face.

They can completely restore and reshape sparse, hairless or over plucked eyebrows as well as improve their symmetry.

It can also be used as medical micropigmentation to recreate areas affecting by a health condition or skin problems to give the illusion of hair for people with hair loss.


Semi Permanent Make-Up for eyes

Eyes Enhancement-is a fine line of pigment through the lash line (top and bottom lids), to give you a soft impression, add definition and makes your lashes look fuller and thicker by filling away tiny gaps in-between them with pigment.

Latino eyeliner

Perfectly defined eyes with strong crisp eyeliner finished with flick/wings.

Lip liner blush and full lip colour

It’s used to restore shape, colour and detaining the up contours. Semi Permanent Make-Up can correct symmetry, imperfections, unevenness or camouflage scars.

Lip procedures take longer than other treatments as the lips are more prone to swelling during the treatment. If this should occur, swelling will quickly fade and disappear completely within three to five days.

If you have a history of cold sores (herpes) you should use anti-viral medication one week prior and one week after your treatment (available on prescription), to reduce the risk of outbreak. Micro-pigmentation does not cause cold sores, however if you carry the virus I can be aroused by the infusion process.





We will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire to verify that you are suitable for micro-pigmentation treatment (consent form).

Photographs will be taken prior to the treatment and you will be asked to carry out patch test for at least 48 hours prior the treatment.

Together we can help you decide the perfect shape, thickness and colour for your micro-pigmentation treatment.


Anaesthetic will be applied to the area and after approximately 30 minutes we can begin the treatment. During this time we will go over the shape, colour and thickness to make sure that is desired look.

Photographs will be taken after your micro-pigmentation treatment and kept. As well as your colours, anaesthetic and consent form for your service record file which will also be kept.



After your micro-pigmentation treatment it may show some redness or swelling and this is normal.

Do not pick or rub the treated area as this may result in pigment loss. We will provide you some after care ointment and this should be applied for approximately five to seven days.

You will go through three healing stages: Heal, Peel and Fade. It is very important that you follow exactly your aftercare instructions.